Updated: 1/14/2021

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  • the beginning
  • why did l treat her so bad now she has cancer and can die *ashamed and disappointed*
  • the hospital
  • I really hope she gets better , I don't want to lose her to this
  • Her birthday
  • I felt excited and happy for once, It was the happiest I've been since I heard the news.
  • When l was about 11 years old, my mom had told me my auntie had got cancer. When she told me my heart dropped completely and i started to cry because I would always be mean and disrespect her all the time.
  • airports
  • I'm going to open up and sit to her so I can really make things right.
  • I knew I had to make things right with her before she would pass away. The doctor give her 6 months to live and I knew I had to spend as much time with her as possible. She spent most of her month in the hospital.
  • Puerto Rico
  • after her chemotherapy she want home for her birthday. She told my mom se wanted to go to Puerto Rico before she would ever die. So my mom bought us tickets to Puerto Rico surprise her.
  • good news and the end
  • Thank god , I was s happy I just wanted to cry and say I was proud of her.
  • When she found out she was so excited because we would be leaving in 1 week. When the time came we went to the airport to go to Puerto Rico. I decided I wanted to it next to her the whole flight. I told her i was sorry for everything.
  • We got to stay in Puerto Rico all together for about 1 month. We went all over the island and went to plaza and markets as a family. You could tell by the smile on her face she hadn't been tis happy in a while. When we where there me and her bond got tighter.
  • When we got back from Puerto Rico my brother had left to go see there girlfriends. Me and my mom stayed with my aunt and she sat us down and told us she was 100 percent cancer free. I was so happy I made things right with her and that she was cancer free.