Social Studies- Logan Wilson Silent-Barter Trade
Updated: 3/8/2021
Social Studies- Logan Wilson Silent-Barter Trade

Storyboard Text

  • North African Traders would bring caravans with wool, silk, cotton, dates, figs, grains, leathers, and salt.
  • The traders spread their goods along the river, beating a drum to alert the Wangarans of their position
  • The traders then leave the site, and walk several miles from the river and wait for the Wangaran gold miners to do come and exchange their gold dust for their goods.
  • The Wangaran Gold Miners travel by river and here are leaving their gold dust alongside the North African Traders' goods. They then beat the drum and return home with the goods.
  • The Wangaran Gold Miners....
  • The North African Traders then travel back to the river and take the gold dust. If they don't think it's enough, they leave the dust and wait for the Wangarans to leave more
  • Altogether, the North African Traders and Wangarans worked together and mutually benefited one another with the resources the other needed for economic strength and survival!