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History project
Updated: 1/18/2020
History project
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  • The Yello Turban Rebellion
  • The government is corrupted! We have to change that!
  • The Three Kingdoms
  • I am the next emperor of all China!
  • The Sui Dynasty
  • I established the Sui Dynasty and I will make it last forever!!
  • No you won't, I destroyed the Dynasty by myself!
  • The peasants are frustrated with the corruption of the government, so they led a rebellion which led to the end of the Han Dynasty, the Han army cannot stop it. And it eventually led to the end of the Han Dynasty
  • The Tang Dynasty
  • I have an idea for a poem!
  • After the fall of the Han Dynasty, China were divded and civil wars broke out. China were divided into three kingdoms, Wei. Shu han and Wu. The Wei conquered Shu han and founded the Wei Dynasty, but it didn´t last long.
  • Five Dynasties
  • We were all emperors!
  • After 400 years of the Fall of the Han Dynasty, an court official, Wendi, took advantage of the chaos and established the Sui dynaty.he also brough back many rules from the Han Dynasty, however, his son loved luxury, and he started war and broke the relation between the turks, eventually, the Sui dynasty fell apart.
  • The Rise of The Song
  • We were in a Golden Age,trade and arts flourished and we also made lots of new inventions.
  • After the fall of the Sui Dynasty, Li Yuan joined one of the small fighting groups and by 624, he held contol of most China. He established the Tang dynasty, . They valued arts and peoms. The Golden Age of art was brought to new heights. However, by the 700s, rebellions broke out and eventually led to the fal of the Tang Dynasty.
  • After the fall of the Tang Dynasties, China was again divided into many little kingdoms, this period was called the five dynasties because there were dynasties that gained short term control before the Song comes to power.
  • Near the end of the Five Dynasties period, a general inpector named Taizu seized the throne. He is the founder of the Song Dynasties, and many historians consider this dynasty a golden age. Arts and Trade flourished and they made lots of advancements.
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