Unknown Story
Updated: 4/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The old man ( Donald Trump) is the old man and was born in 1946 and I am having him be the old man that lived back then. The old camra is one of the old things that was only 15 Dollars and was good use.
  • This is how older people get around in a wheel chair and what they look like sometimes. Yes they all look different but kinda that same they look old.
  • This is the clothing back then . The men kinda look the same as now but the women don't. They look different because we almost never wear dresses now and thats almost all that they wore.
  • This is kinda what they did for fun back then but they stuffed themselves in phone house things. They also walk around and did almost nothing.
  • so when out grandmas and grandpas now or elderlys were kinda raised good and bad > It all depends on who you ask but like us now they don't have anything to take away from them so it was kinda hard to punish them.