English-heroes journey/Kaylene project
Updated: 6/8/2020
English-heroes journey/Kaylene project

Storyboard Description

About a girl name issly who has an adventure to find out what her aunt is secretly hiding..

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, My name is Issly and i'm 17 years oldI live in a City called new York.you see my parents sent me here to live with my cute little Pomeranian called picklesaunt she loves fashion designs and all glamorous stuff. she seems happy and all but ever since I moved here shes been acting very strange...
  • The ordinary world
  • And then things got even stranger...I was sitting on top of my bed and found pickles there along with a blue letter. To my aunt but why was it on my bed?As I opened it the letter said "bring issly by tomorrow morning or her parents or we'll do the job our selves, you know shes magical and we want her power, remember don't let her go back to the forest you have the map right? -see you tomorrowD."
  • A call to an adventure
  • Entering the unknkown
  • After a while later I decided to sneak into my aunt's room and find that map. I didn't even know what I was doing, but to me it's like I had no choice but to hide away into this so called forestI looked into her stashes of jewelry and find a hidden box...I opened it and saw the map along with pictures of my family everywhere to the day we traveled from i was born..
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