Updated: 12/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Montag goes up to the hound in his firehouse, but it wasn't very friendly with him. Montag went up to the captain to tell him about the hound and he asked Montag if he has ever broken the law and he said no even though he has.
  • The firehouse had a fire emergency and when they showed up it was a house with a woman in it and a bunch of books. Reading books is against the law so she would have been in jail, but she didn't wanna go so she stayed in the fire and burned. Montag was watching it and he couldn't believe it.
  • Montag and Mildred had books laying on their floor while Captain Beatty was knocking at their front door they started to panic. If the captain saw that they had books they would be killed.
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