The Arrival of the Dutch (Samuel-4.3)
Updated: 2/14/2021
The Arrival of the Dutch  (Samuel-4.3)

Storyboard Text

  • In 1596 four Dutch ships arrived in Indonesia
  • Cornelis de Houtman: We arrive in Banten West Java
  • On March 20,1602, Dutch formed VOC
  • Peter both: We have to form a trade association
  • Dutch Colonization in Indonesia
  • You have to trade with Dutch only and use VOC money only.
  • VOC
  • In 1619, the headquarter of VOC moved to Jayakarta
  • Jan Pieter Zoen Coen: I want to implement the monopoly and hongi navigation policies. Anybody tho broke the rules would be punished
  • Forced Planting (Tanam Paksa): The Dutch forced the people to plant certain crops
  • You have to change your plantation to mint tree
  • In 1799, VOC was shut down. Indonesia was under Dutch colonisation and named Netherland Indies
  • You have to hand over all the properties of VOC to Dutch government