To Kill a Mockingbird
Updated: 2/12/2021
To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • After finally testifying the other witnesses, we got to hear Tom’s side of the story. Me, Jem and Dill were scared of what was going to happen
  • Jem! It's his turn, i'm nervous.
  • I better win this case
  • Atticus had so many questions to ask Tom, and he answered them all truthfully. He started off on how he and Mayella met
  • Were you acquainted with Mayella Violet Ewell? If so did you ever talk with her?
  • Yes suh, I would walk pass Mr. Ewell's house to get to work and she would ask me to help her out.
  • We were all really focused on what Tom had to say. He said Mayella had tricked him into going in the house to work on something
  • Sir, I was passing by when she told me she needed help inside to fix something and she invited me in.
  • Whats going to happen ???
  • Atticus asked what happened when he was in the house and he said Mayella grabbed onto him and kissed him but he ran and left before someone saw and took it the wrong way
  • What exactly did she do or want
  • She kissed me sir !
  • Dill ended up crying because the attorney asked Tom questions in a cruel manner, so Jem told me to take him outside until he calmed himself down
  • Take him outside to calm down
  • Me and dill were talking about the trial , I was explaining to him that that's how a lawyer has to talk to the witness. that's when we encountered Mr. Dolphus behind a tree
  • pss, hey!