Hamlet- Act 5
Updated: 11/4/2020
Hamlet- Act 5

Storyboard Text

  • We can test that. Polonius, dress as the ghost of King Hamlet and see if he confesses.
  • Claudius murdered my father, mother. He has a guilty conscience.
  • Claudius, the devil will have your soul for killing King Hamlet, me.
  • I am sorry, I had to kill you to get what I wanted. It was just too easy to poison you through your ear. Please forgive me, I am a murderer.
  • Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, travel with Claudius to England and make sure he stays there.
  • Of course, my Lord. I could never refuse such a gracious leader. Thank you, your majesty.
  • Now that I am King, let me give you a proposal, Polonius. I love Ophelia, and want to marry her. Would you allow me to make her my wife if your land grew and wealth increased?
  • Hamlet convinces his mother that Claudius killed his father. As such, she asks Polonius to dress up as the ghost of Hamlet’s father so that Claudius’ guilt will make him admit what he did to the ghost.
  • My God, these roses pale in comparison to your beauty, Ophelia.
  • Fortinbras, I suggest you look for roses in your own garden.
  • Using the darkness of night and his paranoia, Polonius guilt trips Claudius into confessing. Soldiers Bernardo and Marcellus are hidden to bear witness to Claudius’ confession.
  • I would hate to have to give you a full trim, Fortinbras. Surrender.
  • I yield, Hamlet. Ophelia is yours. I shall return to Norway a humbled but honored man.
  • Hamlet becomes king and orders Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Claudius to England. Hamlet gives a significant amount of land and power to Polonius so he allows Hamlet to marry Ophelia.
  • I love you too, Hamlet.
  • I love you, Ophelia. I, and my kingdom, are all yours. As long as I am on the throne, there will be peace and prosperity in Denmark.
  • Fortinbras visits Denmark but falls in love with Ophelia and wants to marry her before Hamlet can propose to her.
  • I shall sooner cut off your stem, Hamlet. Is your sword as sharp as your thorny words?
  • They duel, and Hamlet wins without killing Fortinbras, who surrenders. Fortinbras returns to Norway with admiration for Hamlet since he won but still spared his life.
  • Hamlet and Ophelia get married and he showers her with all the love he never gave her to make up for him tormenting her. He promises a perfect kingdom for her as long as he is on the throne.