Updated: 11/5/2020

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  • Rivers are able to provide fresh water,, fertile land, and food source to people who live there. In the old days, Maori people used to live near the river (such as Waikato river) to plant crops like potato, and fish.
  • Waikato River
  • People living near the coast are very accesible to seafoods and trade.
  • Yeah!! Yeah!!
  • Wanna trade?
  • Mountain ranges is isolated from the cities. It hard to enter, exit and travel at the mountain, especially during snow or rainfalls.
  • Mountain ranges usually has cold temperatures. The rough road made it hard for people to travel within or exit and enter the mountain. It is also hard for people to plant crops as well.
  • Temperate climate is the best climate to live in. It has mild temperatures all year round; not too cold in winter nor too warm in summer. It is very suitable for crops to grow and raise farm animals.
  • Arid Climate is very dry. It has little annual rainfalls and is very unsuitable to grow crops and raise animals due to limited water sources. This lead to very limited food resources.
  • Tropical rainforests: really wet, always humid and stuffy. It has so much rains that the crops will rot before the harvest.
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