The Sirens
Updated: 2/16/2020
The Sirens

Storyboard Text

  • First you will come to the sirens,next is the six headed monster Scylla
  • Were approaching The Sirens! men tie me to the mast. Plug your ears
  • Where about to approach the lovely island of the Sirens.
  • Row! Row! Row! for your lives
  • Circe takes Odysseus side and she describes in detail each danger that he and his men will meet on their way home
  • Row! or she'll eat us!
  • They came across the Sirens and Odysseus plugs his men's ears with beeswax so they wouldn't hear it unless they wish to.
  • Men don't eat the cattle,
  • Odysseus is tied to the mast and it drives him crazy because of the Siren tempting song.
  • Help us please! (drowning)
  • We rowed into the strait, Scylla to port and on our starboard beam Charybdis, dire. Scylla,six headed monster ate the six best men from the ship
  • Odysseus tries to persuade his men to bypass Thracian, the island of the sun god, Helios, but they insist on landing. Driven by hunger, they ignore Odysseus warning to not feat on Helios cattle
  • The men ate the cattle and sailed away and a powerful storm killed all of Odysseus's men.