Hailey Moore- Scientific Revolution Storyboard
Updated: 10/27/2020
Hailey Moore- Scientific Revolution Storyboard

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  • Galileo
  • I wonder what this school is going to be like!?!
  • Bacon
  • Young Francis Bacon with Brother and Father
  • Sir, Can you stay just a few more minutes?
  • Newton
  • 1667How could I make a reflecting telescope?
  • 1668I got it!! Yayyyy!
  • Their family moved to Florence sometime in the early 1570s. When he was a teenager he attended a monastery school in Vallombrosa. He created his own telescope and advanced it quicker than others. Through a telescope he could see the moon well enough to make a drawing of the phases and prove that it was not smooth, but that it was uneven and hard. britannica.com
  • Copernicus
  • The Earth spins on its axis everyday; The Earth also revolves around the sun.
  • He was the youngest of two children, each boys, and their father were named Sir Nicholas Bacon. He was educated for 2 years at the Trinity college in Cambridge. He was a Senior Governor of Gray's Inn, which is one of the four Inns of Court. He became a barrister in 1582. britannica.com 
  • Church vs. Scientific Revolution
  • The Scientific Revolution
  • His father died three months before he was born. His mother remarried after he was born so he spent most of his time with his maternal grandmother. He made the first reflecting telescope in 1668, when he was only 25. One year later he received his Master of Arts degree. history.com
  • Impacts on Today
  • With the Scientific Revolution
  • He was born into a family of merchants. After his father's death, his uncle looked after him. He wrote a treatise sometime between 1508 and 1514, this showed the basis of his sun-centered system. He also discovered that the Earth revolves around the sun and spins on its axis every day. history.com
  • The church was scared that the teachings of the Scientific Revolution would jeopardize their amount of power and make them seem less important to the people that followed their teachings.
  • The Church
  • VS.
  • The Scientific Revolution impacts today because we would not have science without it. We would probably not know anything about why the Earth moves, or that the Earth is pretty much in the center of the universe, etc. Without the Scientific Revolution we wouldn't know half of the stuff that we do today. We would barely know anything about the planet we live on, space, or ourselves.
  • Without the Scientific Revolution
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