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Updated: 3/11/2021
storyboard project

Storyboard Text

  • the french and the Haitian governments are both the same because they have social classes and each class has different life styles for example upper class people didn't have to pay taxes and could own peasants the middle class could own peasants but had to pay taxes and the lower class had to work pay taxes and had to give food they grew to the upper class.
  • upper class
  • lower class
  • middle class
  • the Haitian revolution was started In May 1791 when Paris granted French citizenship to landowners—which included some affranchis and excluded some whites, leading to civil war. A general slave revolt in August started the revolution.
  • A mob of angry, scared bourgeois & sans-culottes decide to steal weapons and free prisoners from Bastille Prison This is considered the start of the Revolution
  • the reign of terror was a period where if you didn't agree with the government or committed a crime that was against the government or its property u were executed
  • slavery was abolished in Haiti after the revolution but sadly it was legalized by napoleon in France after the revolution
  • I think the revolutions were partially successful because in haiti people were broke under a dictatorship and 60% of the population had to migrate and in france privileges for upper class people was abolished but slavery was shorty after legalized by napoleon