Narrative story board
Updated: 4/3/2020
Narrative story board
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  • Mrs. Jackson's classroom
  • Right outside Mrs. Jackson's classroom
  • Inside the principal's office...
  • Do I have rights?
  • Today was just a normal day and Mrs. Jackson was just teaching in school while her students were just talking and on their phones. However,she heard students fighting outside and she ran out the door in a hurry.
  • In Reginae's Room
  • Two kids have been fighting and Mrs. Jackson was knocked out in the impact and when the fight was broken up policemen were told to escort both of the girls to the principal's office. And an ambulance was called for Mrs. Jackson.
  • Travel back to the start of school
  • Can I please get through?
  • Nope.
  • One of the girls was put inside the principal's office and the other was put in the vice principal's office, and right away one of the policemen started to shout and yell at her but the other was trying to listen to what happened, but the policeman agreed to have both of them suspended and another girl who came in told the story so it was reduced to 4 days and not 5.
  • Knowing that Everyone has rights
  • But it was true, it wasn't Reginae's fault at all, in fact, this never would have happened. She was blocked in front of the door of the classroom by another girl. But then she looked it up on the internet and found out that she did have rights even though she was in school
  • But this girl had had problems with Reginae before and so that's why she was blocking the door, and Reginae accidentally bumped her and the other girl pushed her. Then Reginae acted in self-defense and pushed back and that's how the fight started.
  • Reginae now knows that she has rights and freedom of speech and that she can speak out if she wants to and is telling people her story so that others know that they have rights as well.
  • I now know that I have rights and freedom of speach
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