Chemical change
Updated: 4/3/2021
Chemical change

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  • formation of a gas, As antacid is droped in to water it formos bubbles of gasses that repersent a chemical change
  • Antacid did you fart again!
  • ,
  • Oh Sorry me and water dont mix well
  • odor change,When A compound changes after A chemical reaction the tast and smell changes as well for example when you have food it smells good but as time goes on it starts to smell rotten
  • formation of a precipitate,Presipitate is a soild formed in a chemical reaction this occurs when solutions containg inoic compunds are mixed and an insoluble product is formed
  • And you smell bad when was you esperation date
  • You smell super good are you freshly backed.
  • temperature change, There are two types of tympercher change Exothermic reaction wich releasesing tempecher heating up the compound and endothermic reactions wich hold onto heat causing the tempeture to drop
  • Im ok
  • endothemic your so cold you should let go some of your heat
  • Dude did you just change collor
  • : color chage, When two substances are mixed and there is a color change that is not simply a dulution of color it is a shgin of chemical change
  • Yeah I change collor depending on the substances im mixed with
  • Did I just become a soild is this becuases of that other inoic compund i mixed with.