Julius Caesar
Updated: 2/16/2021
Julius Caesar

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  • The First Triumvirate
  • Caesar takes control
  • Democracy turned dictatorship
  • 1st Century BCE: Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar came to hold enormous power. Crassus was in charge of Syria, Pompey was in charge of Spain, and Caesar was in charge of Gaul.
  • The Death of Julius Caesar
  • 53 BCE: After Crassus died, Caesar crossed the Rubicon, entering Italy illegally, ultimately defeating Pompey to take over Crassus’ land and complete control of the Roman government.
  • The Rise of Octavian
  • 47 BCE: Caesar became dictator and made important reforms to the Roman government/social structure.
  • The Fall of the Republic
  • 44 BCE: Julius Caesar is assassinated by a group of senators, so Octavian and Anthony takeover.
  • 31 BCE: Octavian forces Anthony to flee at the Battle of Actium in Greece. This war was caused by conflict due to the small amount of land they had to share.
  • 31 BCE: With Anthony gone, Octavian became the supreme ruler of the Roman world, ending the Republic.