The Cay
Updated: 5/19/2020
The Cay

Storyboard Text

  • In this part of the story is when phillip, Timothy, and stew cat, find the island and they get food and make a shelter for themselves. They are waiting so they could try to find people to come help them and take them back to the ship that was supposed to take them home but was exploded by the Germans.
  • In This part of the story is where the storm just finished and Timothy protected Phillip by using his body as a shield to protect them and after that they both sat down and Timothy went to sleep and in his sleep he died and Phillip was alone. So because of this Phillip and stew cat had to get there things they needed o there own. Click To Edit
  • In this part of the story Phillip is barring Timothy in the sand because he died. When he was done he said a prayer and hoped he would be good. It was harder for Phillip because he is also blind .
  • In this part of the is when the mom wanted Phillip and her to go back to there home because they were going into war with the Germans and Phillips mom wanted to be safe. So the dad was saying bye to them when they were on the boat.
  • In this part of the is where the Germans exploded the boat and Timothy went to go save Phillip but did not know where is mom was when he woke up. When Phillip woke up he saw Timothy and stew cat but did not like him at first but got used to him.
  • In this part of the story Is where Phillip gave a sigh to them men that they were there. So the guys that were there took them of the island and went to the doctor where he found is mom and dad and they fixed his eye.