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Updated: 9/10/2020
Six Storyboards

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  • Early Life in School
  • Hi! I'm Jasmine and I go to this school, me and my best friend Gaby have 3 classes together. I don't get bullied here because I mostly know everyone in 8th grade.
  • Early Life at Home
  • Here at home we live in a kinda small house in Old Town and I have to share my room with my sister who gets the top bunk.
  • Who I Am Now At School
  • My teacher
  • I wish we were in real life cuz this stinks 🤣
  • I love my school (Blair Middle School in Pasadena) and some of the teachers there are kind to me! I have so much friends there too. The best part about school is that they have this program named Learns which is an after school program that I go to.
  • Who I Am Now At Home
  • This is fun!
  • All five of us our, me, my sister, my brother, mom, and dad. We live in this medium sized house that we rent. I live in Pasadena, CA. My sister has the top bunk and my parents have their separate room.
  • Who I am In The Future
  • This is me doing virtual class and I'm in English. My teacher Ms. Anderson makes class fun we get to do quizlet and do a lot of fun activities so we don't get bored!
  • The End
  • Ah finally....
  • Here I am listening to Harry Styles and The Weekend. While I am listening to music, I'm also playing basketball. When I was little I would never go outside but now I do!
  • I don't know yet were to go to college but I'm going to Blair high school and when I graduate I'm going to be a vet. I also wish to move in with my best friend and have 3 dogs.
  • Wow I graduated, I did it!
  • In the end I have a great job and my best friend is my roommate! I have 3 dogs and a pool!