cs 2

Updated: 9/3/2021
cs 2

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  • Well, now you may sleep in the Balcony
  • Okay...
  • I think he probably didn't like my cooking, that he is feeding the food to the dogs
  • Don't worry, I will teach you to cook
  • Okay
  • Now, I will teach you to write your name. Later on, I will teach you to write sentences
  • Thank you so much..
  • So, One day I can write like an educated man.
  • It is quite pleasant working for Anil. Buying the daily supplies is making a profit of about a rupee a day.
  • I think Anil notices me making these little money, but he doesn't mind I guess.
  • Look, I sold a book to a publisher...
  • Well, it’s time I did some real work, if I don’t take the money, he’ll only waste it on his friends.
  • I NEED TO RUN!!!
  • Now, I have taken the money I need to catch the Lucknow Express.