The Veldt
Updated: 8/27/2018
The Veldt
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  • Exposition
  • There will be nothing to look at, but ok.
  • George I think there's something wrong with the nursery can you go check it out.
  • Conflict
  • Why is the lions so realistic?
  • Did you here that scream.
  • Rising action
  • Is that my old wallet!?
  • George hadley and his wife and two kid live in a super high tech house in the 1950. the house does every thing for them lydia georges wife thinks there something wrong with the nursery. a high tech virtual reality room that was made to capture the imaginations of their kids.
  • Climax
  • children we are going to be locking the nursery for a month.
  • honey try to reconsider this.
  • They walked into the nursery. The white walls of the nursery turn into a grassy veldt land. Black birds flow around in the sky as some lions feasted on something the hadleys could not see from a distance.
  • Falling action
  • A while after george and lydia check the nursery. he goes back in and spots something strange on the nursery floor.
  • resolution
  • tee hee
  • now they're gone for good.
  • while the wendy and peter ( George and lydia's children) are at a carnival George and Lydia talk about what they should do with the nursery over dinner. Then there kids come home. And george and lydia question there kids. and decide what to do with the nursery.
  • but father you cant. 
  • George soon tells Wendy and peter they are going on vacation. And gives the kids a few more minutes in the nursery. while in there bed room they here there kids yell come here quick. George and lydia race inside the nursery just to find the Peter and Wendy weren't there.
  • Peter and Wendy closed the nursery door and locked there parents inside with the lions. George and Lydia with terrified looks banged and yelled at the door and there children as the lion drew got closer. Then the lions attacked them and they were soon gone.
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