The Princess and The Mirror
Updated: 1/31/2020
The Princess and The Mirror
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  • Tragic Hero: Princess Rhea is a beautiful girl and is soon to inherit the throne. She uses her beauty to get what she wants but always wishes she was prettier.
  • Hubris: Rhea's tragic flaw is Vanity. Everytime she sees someone prettier than her she gets very upset. No matter how many times she wishes she was the most beautiful girl in the land, she always wants more.
  • Peripeteia: She recives a magic mirror for her birthday and constantly wishes she was prettier. The mirror warns her that there will be consequences if she doesn't stop wishing for the same thing over and over. Rhea refuses to listen.
  • Nemesis: The people of the kingdom have come to realize that Princess Rhea has become very rude and vain. She is shunned and dishonoured.
  • Anagnorisis: Princess Rhea comes to realize her tragic flaw. However, she denies it and wishes once again to be the most beautiful girl in the land...even though she is warned that there will be consequences.
  • Hamartia: Princess Rhea gets trapped in the mirror. This is caused by her resfusing to listen to the mirror and denial of her tragic flaw. When she was wishing to be the most beautiful girl in the land, her apperance stayed the same, it was all about how she saw herself.
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