Everyday hero
Updated: 1/22/2020
Everyday hero
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  • My everyday hero is Rosa Parks. She is my everyday hero because she is a inspiring person who is not afraid of what anyone thinks of her. She also very passionate about a lot of things she has done Thats why so many people like me look up to her as a role model and someone to follow to be a strong individual.
  • At the time Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist and was a inspiration to most African American. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white individual that wanted to take her seat. But she was strong enough to refuse and not move from her seat.
  • At that time it was always the people with lighter colour skin that got to get their seats first but Rosa was against that. She felt that it was not necessary to give up her seat because of her own race and culture. and thats what I really like about her.
  • Rosa is very brave for standing up because she knew that standing up for what she wanted was againsted the law and she would most likely get arrested and that tons of people would go against her but after she stood up for her rights a lot of people started changing her perspective on racial equality because of all the points, and reasons she has made.
  • I chose Rosa parks because she is a really good leader to a lot of people. She also helps encourage tons of people to stand up for their own rights even if it’s not just about racial equalitys. She encourages people to not be scared to speak up about the rights that they would want for their country and to not keep quiet.
  • overall Rosa Parks is a amazing, strong, diligent, clever, wise, hard-working, and brave. I could describe her in a lot more ways but that would be a really long list.
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