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9-11 Scientific Method comic strip
Updated: 9/15/2020
9-11 Scientific Method comic strip
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  • what sport is best to improve hand corrdanation
  • whats your question
  • What sports are you choosing ?
  • Boxing and baseball. well bye
  • bye
  • The recording of the matchBoxing- From being at the match I believe that handcoordination was used but there are multiple strategies. Also i saw some of the punches and i seemed that once the opponent was weak it was all about making sure he was hurt enough to not want/ cant get up. Also after hitting the opponent ,Eye-hand coordination isn't used its more of grabbing the the opponent and hit in areas until "given up" or broken up by a referee.Baseball-Baseball uses eye-hand coordination almost the entire game. Knowing the pitcher must throw it the batter's way, as well as the batter hitting the ball however far and whatever direction he wants it to go. Then the other players must catch the ball or throw it in the direction of another player, meaning they must always be paying attention to the ball
  • Connor: Baseball almost revolves around eye-hand coordination. Due to the fact the pitcher has to throw in a certain area and the other players must throw the ball in a certain direction as fast as possible. If the ball doesn't get caught the first time
  • Part 1:Sorry to interrupt but can you tell me how much hand coordination is in boxingPart 2: thank you Marina, anything else to add Greg?Part 3: Thank you i really appericate it
  • Cole: As Connor said not every ball gets hit in the same direction so you have to watch the ball catch and trow it to the right base or person. Eye- hand coordination is one of the biggest skill you need as most action in baseball is like.
  • Part 1:Sorry to interrupt but can you tell me how much hand coordination is in baseballPart 2: thank you Connor, anything else to add Cole?Part 3: Thank you i really appericate it
  • Top coordination sports 1. Baseball 2.Tennis3.Volleyball 4.Ice Hockey5.Boxing
  • top coordination sports 1, baseball 2..Tennis3..Volleyball 4.Ice hockey5.Boxing
  • FIGHT!
  • Marina:Well though we need eye coordination boxing is also learning about combos and moves most practice is repeating combos and sets AKA muscle memory.Greg:As she said most of boxing is muscle memory knowing the opponent and what will get us to with but we must use Hand/eye coordination to know where to hit when having an opening.
  • Inconclusion baseball is more an eye-hand coordination game than boxing due to the skills required and the rules of the game.Project by:Giannie Paret
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