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the canadian rights
Updated: 10/21/2020
the canadian rights
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  • Haley Comics!
  • Hello kids! Today we will be learning six things on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms! Like equality among all, these dolls represent different people, but they all have the same rights and freedoms. We are going to go to a few places today to see a few things that represent one of the rights or freedoms.
  • Cool!
  • Grade 4 classMrs.Qwerty
  • Hmh
  • Haley Comics!
  • WOW!
  • Like this church, it represents freedom of religion and culture. Or this speaking platform, that represents freedom of speech, as long as your words are not harmful to society.
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  • Haley Comics!
  • COOOL!
  • These two things are about the freedom to put your opinion on the internet, or even to have that opinion, it's called freedom of thought, like this girls thoughts are not restricted. But ..........
  • I wish i had a sister............
  • Haley Comics!
  • We also have the freedom of some movement, and I say SOME movement because deliberate death, access to some areas is restricted. An example is even just the fact we can be on this sidewalk!
  • Haley Comics!
  • Then of course there is school. Every child in Canada has the right to go to school!
  • Haley Comics!
  • Now you know some of the basic rules on the Charter of the Canadian Rights and Freedoms! How did you like our lesson today Kiki and Lily?
  • Ya, its pretty cool. Especially the freedom of thought! I wouldn't even think there would be a rule about that!
  • It was great! I really learned allot today!
  • THE END!
  • Kiki
  • Grade 4Mrs.Qwerty
  • Lily
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