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Updated: 1/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • we ar ein acient egypt one of the first civilasaition ever despite acient egypyt being so well achient the acutlly have a verry good system of living
  • snowy where are we?
  • some cool facths snowy
  • the egyptions for of writing and shaduft a way to help get water into you crop felida and the egyptions envented the wheel and we still use that to day
  • do you see that bulding over that a great pyrmid one of thegreatest accomplish emts in egypt history or great accomplish ment include hirglpics \
  • in egypt the farmeres are on the bottom of the social pyrmiad
  • some people call egypt the girt of the nile because there are black lands which ar egreat for farming
  • king tut is one of the most famous pharros because his body was so well preserved
  • in that tobm ther is one day gonna be a pharro they will mumfi the doy to presevr the boduy so that the body will ahvea saft trip to the under world
  • one the gods is named geb geb si the god of the earth its is belived thst when geb laughes the earth would quake
  • in egyp they praticed polithesim which is when you worship many gods
  • were home!
  • yay i can finaly get out of these achient egypt chlotes !
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