Updated: 3/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • mmm smells nice cannot wait to eat
  • my day was good
  • hi how was your day today
  • dododododododododo dada
  • no move away!
  • could I please have some food sir
  • life has not been nice to you but you have been nice to everyone you are welcome to under the roof of my house
  • Here today the is a rich man ordering food to eat at his house.
  • The man is still on his way home when he see's a homeless guy at his door.
  • hi honey
  • Hi how are you
  • The homeless guys asked the rich man if he can have some food please, but the rich man does not give the poor man some food.
  • you have not shown love though neighbour and you shall not enter heaven
  • SAIDLY THE HOMELESS MAN IS DEAD but God rewards him for living a honest and humble life.
  • The man is on the train going back home after a busy day at work.
  • The man was making his way home when a car hit him on the road a took his life this man was creedy and did not care about other people and for that he went to hell..