Macbeth StoryBoard
Updated: 2/4/2021
Macbeth StoryBoard

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  • "Upon the heath."1:1:7
  • "Where the place?"1:1:6
  • "There to meet Macbeth"1:1:8
  • "As whence the sun 'gins his reflection"1:2:27
  • "O valiant cousin, worthy gentlemen!"1:2:26
  • "Aroint thee, witch,"1:3:6
  • "Give me"1:3:5
  • "Is the execution done on Cawdor? Are no those in commission yet returned?"1:1:4
  • "They are not yet comeback. But I have spoke With one that saw him die, who did report That very frankly he confessed his treasons, implored your highest pardon, and set forth deep repentance."1:5-10:4
  • "We will speak further"1:83:5
  • "Bear welcome in your eye, your hand, your tongue."1:75:5
  • "See, our honored hostess!"1:13:6
  • "In every point twice done and then done double..."1:19:6