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Updated: 10/8/2019
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Storyboard Description

The opening scene to historical background context.

Storyboard Text

  • Introduce Topic of Interracial Couples and Public Opinion (Voice Overs)
  • A few voice clips in background to represent examples of public opinion. Individuals answering the question "What is your opinion regarding interracial couples?" - This is not the interview portion.
  • "The USA is naturally so racially diverse. Why haven't I seen more interracial couples?"
  • Why study this topic: Filmmaker reflections
  • "Is race/ethnicity included in an individual’s preferential “type”?"
  • "I aim to gain a perspective on the influences that external environments and peer/family attitudes may have on those in interracial relationships."
  • Historical Contexts Voice Over: VisualsVideo clip of flipping through pages of a book [preferably illustrated] on contents of voice-over.
  • Biological and psychological tendencies explained in voice over: Assortative Mating and Sexual Racism
  • Textbook illustrations relevant to historical content.
  • "The film is intended to broaden the minds of viewers to accept other individuals as equals and simply different."
  • "I think that this film could offer a positive source of representation and information..."
  • What are the potential impacts of making this film: Filmmaker reflections
  • "...contribute to the overall acceptance, support, and inclusion of individuals who are different."
  • Transition to interview with couple:Give context to interview with prefacing statement, something like... "Considering this history/background info, we set out to discover the experiences of and perspectives surrounding interracial couples today".
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