Trigonometry Comic - Maths Assignment Term 1 2021
Updated: 3/10/2021
Trigonometry Comic - Maths Assignment Term 1 2021

Storyboard Text

  • You’re invited to the Paris Fashion Week Show
  • 25 m
  • 20m
  • It’s Jennie Mae’s Lucky day today, she’s been invited to the Paris fashion show for fashion week. Jennie Mae must pack and get ready to travel to the show.
  • Oh no !! I need to get out of this hole in time for the fashion show!!
  • 40°
  • X
  • Jennie Mae must travel to different places to get to the fashion show, she has a long day ahead. Jennie Mae is on her way to the islands.......
  • Jennie Mae see’s a coconut in a palm tree and wants to find the angle of the tree to get the coconut. Jennie is looking at an angle of elevation she is 25m away from the tree and the height of the tree is 25m she does Tan –1 (25 over 25) and finds the angle is 39°
  • Jennie has fallen into a whole on her way to the road. In order for Jennie Mae to escape she must find the missing side between her and the top of the hole. Jennie uses trig and does 24 x tan40 and finds that the side is 20.1 m.
  • 24m
  • Jennie Mae is on the road and is located at a bearing of 000°, the fashion show is located 23° South (from 180°) . Jennie Mae finds the bearing of the fashion show by adding 180 and 23 which equals 203, meaning the bearing of the fashion show is 203°
  • Jennie is finally at the fashion show, after a long day of trigonometry, Jennie Mae is ready to steal the show.The End