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Cuban Missile Crisis
Updated: 1/16/2020
Cuban Missile Crisis
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  • What are you going to do about it?
  • We found the missiles you have placed in Turkey!
  • You'll see.
  • In October of 1962, The Soviet Union found United States missiles in Turkey. Soviet leader, Krushchev, was extremely angry from this silent threat. He acted upon this offense silently as well.
  • Khrushchev will remove the missiles from Cuba if we remove ours from Turkey.
  • After the Khrushchev felt thretened by the closely located U.S. missiles, he placed his own missile in Cuba. The United States was able to capture picture of Soviet missiles in Cuba. They acted on this quickly...
  • The missiles in Cuba are being removed! All threats are gone!
  • YAY! We are safe!
  • ...John F. Kennedy put a blockade around Cuba as soon as they found the missile from The Soviet Unioin only 90 miles from the coast of The United Sates.
  • John F. Kennedy is demanding that Khrushchev removes the missiles from Cuba. He gets a letter from the Soviet leader stating that they are willing to romove all missiles from Cuba is JFK will order the removal of US missiles from Turkey.
  • John F. Kennedy announces to the United States citizens that the Soviet Union missiles have been removed from Cuba, and the treat of close rage missiles is gone. He also secretly agrees to the removal of US missiles from Turkey. 
  • After a close call to the beginning of nuclear warfare, The United States and the Soviet Union managed to peacefully come to an agreement. Both sides ended up removing their missiles. As a result of this, tensions raised and there was a hotline connecting national leaders in case of situations like this.
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