Situational Crime Prevention
Updated: 1/11/2021
Situational Crime Prevention

Storyboard Text

  • Criminal profile
  • I am planning on breaking into one of the houses I pass on my way to school.
  • Situational Crime Prevention
  • I was sure that wasn't there last week?
  • Spacial
  • This is Luke. He is struggling with money and has to turn to theft in order to support himself
  • Temporal
  • When Luke passes his target house he notices a camera beside the door which prevents him from braking in.
  • Target
  • There is no camera around the side of the house and Luke can get into the house through a window.
  • Tactical
  • Luke comes back at night and finds the camera blocked by a bird and breaks in.
  • Luke finds another house which does not have any cameras making it easy for him to break in.
  • Luke realises that going through the door like he originally planned may not be possible so finds a window with no cameras to go through instead.