Updated: 2/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Nagasaki
  • Manhattan Project
  • Hiroshima
  • I cant believe these horrible americans would comit such an attack, even though we struck first, we did not expect this much devistation.
  • Yes, after the research and planning of this weapon we will finally be able to end this war, and people will look at America as a super power.
  • Battle of the Atlantic
  • In 1939, this was known as the longest most continuous battle of the war to liberate germany and end the war, very famous naval battle.
  • 99 th Pursuit Squadron
  • Come on men, we have to get to the planes fast to help out our troops on the ground, they'll know it was us when the last thing they see is our red tails
  • V-E Day
  • V-J Day
  • D-Day
  • We have had enough of your tyranny, none of you will survive our series of attacks if you do not surrender we have beaten you
  • Nooo, I cant believe you stupid soliders, you have actually finally beat us. From all of the battles you have won we know we are beat and will surrender
  • United Nations
  • A alliance of countries, that are here to aid those in need and protect one another from other threats, this organization consists of, United states, India, Iran, Australia, United Kingdom, and more
  • Internment Camps (Korematsu vs. US)
  • You worthless humans, you will do our biding and die when your usefullness is over, germany will be dominant, hail hitler
  • You horrible germans, why would you cause all of this pain and death upon another human, it is inhumane, you are monsters.