Bible as Literature
Updated: 12/18/2020
Bible as Literature

Storyboard Text

  • The king of Persia was King Darius.
  • He gave Daniel, an elder, the most power to rule because he saw Daniel as sagacious and fit to rule.
  • This made the other rulers envious, so they wanted to figure out a way to make Daniel seem evil.
  • So, they decided to make a law that made it so it was illegal to pray to God like Daniel did three times a day, but they knew he would continue. King Darius accepted.
  • Okay!
  • Us rulers are all in favor of a law where no one can pray to any god for 30 days.
  • Just sign it to make it official.
  • As expected, Daniel went to his window and prayed. When the rulers saw this, they told King Darius, and the punishment for breaking this law was to be thrown into a den of lions.
  • Daniel was thrown into the den. However, God shut the lions' mouths because He knew that Daniel was innocent.
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