Akshu Neolithic period Eng comic strippppppppppp!!!!!!!!

Updated: 8/18/2021
Akshu Neolithic period Eng comic strippppppppppp!!!!!!!!

Storyboard Text

  • These two children from the Neolithic and Paleolithic times, will tell you all about life thousands of years ago.
  • The Amazing Tales of Palo and Nea.
  • My name is Palo. I am from the Paleolithic period. 
  • Hello! My name is Nea. I am from the Neolithic period. 
  • In Paleolithic times, people lived in caves and tent-like structures.
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  • These shelters were temporary because we had to follow the animals everywhere for food.
  • Neolithic people used their houses for storing and cooking their food. They cooked their food by digging a pit in the ground, filling it with water and putting hot stones in the water to boil the food.
  • Many of our houses were built with mud, bricks, tree branches and stones
  • The development of permenant shelters was important because they gave protection from strong weather. Also, they helped people cook food and made life more comfortable.