Updated: 4/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Like different, higher expectations than 5th grade.
  • As rising 6th graders you'll face many problems.
  • self control, and good work ethic.
  • To reach these expectations you'll need to develop better study habits
  • To show your teacher you can accomplish great things
  • You can try to be your best self, reliable and responsible.
  • These things will not be easy to do so you can also ask your peers for help.
  • This will show others and your teachers how you can be relied upon and trusted.
  • When you make a decision try to think two steps ahead
  • and try to see you decision and how it will affect others.
  • Over all to achieve greatness in 6th grade try to build your good attributes.
  • Try to think before you act
  • And be more reliable and responsible.