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Updated: 7/24/2020
imaginative writing
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  • i was in my room a second a go and now I was in a dark thick forest...I saw a witch. She was making some potion and was casting spells. I was scared but i kept hiding behind the tree so the witch couldn"t see me!!
  • where am I? I am scareddd
  • I am here to save you
  • Suddenly I saw a woman standing behind me. I thought she had come to take me but turned out she was good and wanted to help me. She was the witch's slave. she told me that the witch wanted to kill me.
  • We need to soak her with water before dawn
  • "The witch wants your blood to make a potion which will make her live longer." "The woman said. But how can we escape?"The woman told me that the witch's weakness was water. "Today the spell of her previous potion will end so we can end her today before dawn" the old woman told me
  • We secretly ran away from the tree and found a lake. There was a bucket nearby so we decided to collect the water in it! "We need to hurry! Dawn is close" the woman exclaimed.
  • the bucket is right there
  • We better hurry...
  • It was nearly dawn. We went back near the tree with our bucket and put it to the ground.Suddenly the witch saw us and became furious and came running towards us and I picket up the water bucket and splashed it on to the witch.. Soon the witch melted into a puddle of water. The woman thanked me.
  • Zzzzzz
  • The woman then gave me a potion.I drank it and then everything turned white. When everything was back to normal I was back in my bedroom. "Tonight was crazy' I thought. And within minutes I drifted of to sleep
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