Historical Figure 1
Updated: 6/15/2020
Historical Figure 1
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  • -sigh- always on that laptop of his.....
  • At school... the skeptical professor and the lazy student..They had a talk about school and Jobs did not give any care in the world. But he knew he had to try harder with his low GPA.
  • Steve, I know its hard but at least try! All you do is go on your laptop, you will never be anything in life.
  • I am trying! Maybe you just can't see it! Watch be me someone one day and I promise you will see my face all around the world someday.
  • After his teacher never giving him a chance and knowing he will be nothing some day, Steve graduated high school and attened stanford for one semester before he dropped out and was basically homeless. He atattended Reed College and graduated. Him and Steve Wozniak started a project in a small garage that turned into a multi million company with hard work
  • Seeing Jobs on the television...
  • Guess he did become something after all...
  • Historical Figure 1The Skeptical Teacher and the Lazy Steve Jobs
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