The Cupcake Queen

Updated: 1/15/2019
The Cupcake Queen

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • "Tally and Penny are best friends and there is a mean girl in their school, named Charity, and she plays tricks on them." Page 6
  • Conflict
  • "What is Penny doing with my man/Marcus." Page 28
  • Rising Action
  • "Charity makes Marcus pick her or Penny." Page 54
  • The Cupcake Queen takes place at the bakery and at school.The characters are Charity/mean girl, Penny and Tally, Lizzie and Grandma. The story is in the first person. Page 6
  • Climax
  • Charity said " Penny do you want to fight" Penny said "no." Page 84
  • Charity is dating Marcus but Penny likes Marcus. Also Marcus likes Penny not Charity.So Charity does not like Penny. This is Character v.s. Character. Page 28
  • Falling Action
  • Charity said "Me or Penny ". So Marcus had to chose Penny or Charity and he picked Penny. Charity was so upset and mad. Page 54
  • Resolution
  • Then Charity was so mad Marcus because he picked Penny and not her. So she said "were going to fight." Then Charity threw a punch. Then Charity and Penny started to fight and all the teachers were there. So then Marcus broke them up. Page 84
  • Charity and Penny live next to each other. Then Charity said "I hate you this is all your fault we got sent home."Penny said " you threw the punch first." Then the walked into their separate houses. Page 145
  • Then Charity and Penny got sent home early. Page 145
  • It is the last day of school and everyone was so happy. The rest of the days Penny and Charity ignored each other. Penny and Marcus started to date and Charity find someone new. Then Charity said " sorry about the Marcus thing" Penny said " sorry as well." Page 242
  • Charity said " sorry " then Penny said " sorry as well." Page 242