Trojan war
Updated: 1/31/2020
Trojan war
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  • I call upon all of Greece to help me
  • All the guest each was bound to help and never harm the other. But Paris broke that bond and stole Helen.
  • Menelaus trusting completelt to it left Paris in his home and went off to crete. When he had gotten back to find Helen is gone, that the Prince of Troy took her. He needed all the help he can get to have his wife back.
  • By now the had reach the god and goddess. They all were on opposite sides against eachother.
  • This war has been going on for nine years, back and forth with no winner.
  • Patrolus was Achillies best friend and when Achilie didn't want to fight Patrolus took his place but he lost his life by Hector tryig to do this brave act.
  • When Achillie found out this great tragedy that happen to his best friend he wanted revenge for him so he killed Hector and dragged his body across the Trojan wall but then out of respect of the father he gave to body back.
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