Three branches

Updated: 9/24/2021
Three branches

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  • The Members of this branch are appointed, There term is for life. One of there jobs is to decide whether laws and acts made by the legislative and executive branches. Congress run the judicial branch
  • The Judical Branch
  • Guilty
  • The members of this branch are elected, The term is 4 years. Commander of military forces
  • The Executive Branch
  • Im the best becuase I appoint ambassadors
  • The house and senate are both elected The age requirement is 25 and 30. The senate has the power to submit a bill, or proposal for a new law, but only the house can propose new taxes.
  • Im better, vote me
  • The Legislative Branch
  • Nikolai Piette
  • Judicial
  • Legaslative
  • Checks and Balances
  • Executive
  • Checks and balances one of the most significant features of the Constitution prevent one branch of government from gaining too much power.
  • Proposed2/3
  • The Amendment Process
  • amendments to the Constitution can be proposed and approved, or ratified. Amendments are proposed in Congress on a regular basis, but the vast majority of the proposals fail.
  • Ratified3/4
  • Connection between National Government and state
  • States have the power to regulate there state, and national government has limited power on all 50 states.