Andrew's English 3 Vocabulary project

Updated: 3/5/2021
Andrew's English 3 Vocabulary project

Storyboard Text

  • Brent: I had a Fickle vibe about my friend Alex now that my truck is missing and it is replaced it with a turtle with a note saying; from Alex.
  • Want to test drive the Benign Turtle?
  • I am Sorry Brent, I just wanted to fuel up your truck for you. If you would of Scrutinize around then you might of seen we are at a gas station.
  • Alex, why did you take my truck without asking me or letting me know?
  • Your just fine!
  • OH. I am sorry Alex. We should go get lunch at that new place down the street!
  • I have a Strong Aversion for Mushrooms on pizza!
  • I agree, but if our pizza does come with mushrooms, we are going to Expunge them for good!
  • Sure! But I am Fastidious about the clothing I have on! I look like I just got back from an important meeting!