Protein Synthesis
Updated: 1/29/2021
Protein Synthesis

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, I want a chocolate covered cake, with the ingredients being sugar, flour, chocolate favoring, egg. (Amino Acids), I only want one cup of flour.(Codon)
  • How may I help you today?
  • DNA unwinds and unzips.
  • Yo, Codon 1 says he only wants one cup of sugar and flour.
  • RNA nucleotides match the template of DNA
  • Cook Book, DNA
  • To Ribosome Bakery.
  • DNA rewinds rezips.
  • During this time, the mRNA travel through the cytoplasm and made its way to the ribosome. mRNA attaches to ribosome.
  • Ribosome Bakery
  • I got the recipe you sent DNA!
  • There was a Mutation error, it was like if we were adding another Base pair which made it mutate into something else.
  • I'm going to add another egg and more sugar for better taste.
  • Oh no! We a made a mistake. There was a genetic mutation that wasn't supposed to occur! Adding More sugar and egg would've made them have a DNA Replication.
  • Correct amino acid was added and complete the protein. THE END!
  • This time, i will add exactly what the recipe says, doing this will put the correct amino acid, and will turn out perfect.