Social Studies Product Practice
Updated: 11/17/2020
Social Studies Product Practice

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  • Stone Age Food Supply
  • Whew... I'm glad we don't have to be nomadic anymore and we can settle down! My domesticated animals are useful for the farming process, too!
  • Communities
  • Now that we have started communities, we can make tools more efficiently, be more organized by assigning different jobs, and our lives are much safer than before!
  • Shelter
  • It's nice not to have to keep moving around all the time. I really appreciate the houses our builders make!
  • Before farming was invented, humans had to find wild plants and hunt animals for food. Once farming was discovered, however, people could settle down in one place, and work on projects other than finding food since it was much more reliable. This was important because it led to noticeable changes in communities, shelters, jobs, and trading.
  • Jobs
  • I enjoy my new job as a toolmaker. Now that agriculture has been created, we can all have jobs that we like to do, and we are starting to make new inventions!
  • (Unfortunately, there is not a village more accurate to the time zone than this scene that I could find.) Paleolithic communities were small, because they didn't have a food supply that was reliable enough to support large amounts of people. Neolithic communities were much larger, because of the very stable food supply that farming offered. This was important because they could make multiple tools in the same amount of time, become more organized with different jobs, and lead safer and more comfortable lives.
  • Trade
  • Trade is very helpful to human communities. We can get supplies that are very rare here, while the other community can get resources that are easy to find here but not where they live!
  • In the Paleolithic Age, people would have temporary homes such as caves and little tents. In the Neolithic Age, however, their houses gradually became more permanent. They started using mud bricks supported by twigs to construct small areas for people to live in. They were also safe from dangerous animals, and they could protect their territory from enemies which was important.
  • In the Paleolithic Age, before farming, everybody would have to spend their time hunting and gathering to stay alive. In the Neolithic Age, jobs expanded to farmers, weavers, traders, and more. This was important because communities could complete tasks more efficiently, and individual workers could become much more talented at the jobs they did instead of being mediocre in many areas.
  • Before farming was discovered, trade was very rare due to the unreliable food sources. In the Neolithic Age, people could start trading because of the much more reliable food. This was important because knowledge passed through different communities, and both of the people or communities on either end of the trade could get something that benefited them while giving up something that wasn't very valuable in their area.
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