myth final

Updated: 5/20/2020
myth final

Storyboard Text

  • there once was a architect named daedalus who was one of the greatest of his time
  • he had a son named icarus
  • he had built a maze which was virtually impossible to pass but someone did. the king thought daedalus had told him how to go through it.
  • the king locked them up in a palace where no one could excape but you could fly.because he believed they had told someone how to get through it.
  • daedelus thought of ways to escape until one came to his mind. he could build wings to fly out!
  • he collected feathers and got everything ready and built it.
  • he told his son not to fly to high or the wax will melt on the feathers.
  • they put the wings on and took off. The wings worked! were flying high in the sky.
  • his son was doing good but getting to high. he got so high the wax melted and the feathers fell off
  • daedelus looked and looked for his son who just submerged in the water. he couldnt find him.
  • he then knew his son was surely dead. he went to the temple and gave the wings as a gift to the gods.
  • deadelus knew he would never fly again.