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Updated: 2/10/2021
human geo

Storyboard Text

  • Neolithic Revolution
  • Hey John!! Didn't you just get your farm started? Hows it going?
  • Great! Thanks for asking!
  • British Revolution
  • My farm is starting to produce worse and worse carrots, is yours doing the same?
  • Mine is too! This is crazy!
  • Green Revolution
  • I agree! We're going to be so successful!
  • Look honey!! Our wheat farm is doing amazing!
  • The change from hunting and gathering to farming is so abrupt that its called the neolithic revolution. Farming made the society became more close knit.
  • Innovations such as the steel plow and mechanized harvesting greatly increased food production. From the farming, the soil was starting to get worn down.
  • Scientists created dwarf crops of mainly rice and wheat because some countries didn't have enough food for themselves. Farmers had to buy the new seeds, but they were more expensive than normal seeds and some farmers couldn't afford it.