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Updated: 2/4/2021
Ann Science

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  • 4.6billion years ago, it had almost no atmosphere. The surface was molten. After about half a billion years, Earth’s surface cooled and solidified enough for water to collect on it.
  • The Archean Eon (4 to 2.5 billion years ago) Methane droplets in the air covered the young Earth in a global haze. There was no oxygen gas on Earth. Oxygen was only in compounds such as water.
  • Oxygen at Last (2.6 billion to 400 million years ago) Two billion years ago, the methane haze cleared and the sky turned blue.
  • Between 700-550 million years ago, in the late Proterozoic, oxygen levels in the oceans and atmosphere increased dramatically.
  • The Age of Oxygen (400 million to 290 million years ago) As plants became established on land, life once again had a major effect on Earth’s atmosphere during the Carboniferous Period.
  • Modern Atmospheres (290 million years ago to now),Earth was much warmer than it is now.In these warm climates, many types of plants and animals lived.