Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Marial was nowhere to be found after Jewiir and Salva woke up. He must've been taken by a lion that was hungry. Afterwards, his uncle would always say things to make Salva feel more secure.
  • Salva, I have a gun...
  • The group decided to make a boat out of reeds so that they can travel the Nile. When they came onto shore, they met some fishermen who "offered" hospitality. When it became night, the people from this group were being bothered by the mosquitos coming from nowhere.
  • Salva! I need you to walk all the way to the bushes!
  • After all of that, they left for the Akobo desert so that they can get to Ethiopia, which would take 3 days. While walking, Salva stubbed his toe on a rock and his toenail fell off. He was is so much pain, but his uncle would give him landmarks to get to.