type 2 diabetes
Updated: 3/15/2021
type 2 diabetes

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  • Nope. I'd rather watch binge watch my show!
  • Hey nessa, would you like to join me and friend tomorrow at the gym?
  • Hey sis, is it only me or have you recently been using the restrooms more often, drinking a lot of water and been tired?
  • No, but that sounds like an illness
  • oh stop it Emma. This is normal. Must've been all the drinks I had
  • Okay, can we at least get it checked by the doctor. (I'LL LET YOU DRIVE)
  • That doesn't sound good. I'll run some test and see what it is.
  • Hello doctor, recently I'm experiencing increased thirst, frequent urination, and Fatigue
  • Okay..
  • I'll also test your blood.
  • oh no.. What is type 2 diabetes and how did I get this?
  • *Shocked* oh my.
  • The test results are back. Looks like you have type 2 diabetes