Funny Misunderstanding
Updated: 3/13/2020
Funny Misunderstanding
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It a kind of misunderstanding. A coincidence make foreigners have really different imagination with Chinese people who know the choose.

Storyboard Text

  • "Do you know that a Chinese idol XZ passed away ?"
  • "How do you know this? I heard nothing!"
  • "That's my Twitter. See the tag 'weloveyouxiaozhan'."
  • "Really? That's strange. Show me please."
  • XZ RIP
  • XZ died
  • weloveyouXZ
  • XZ
  • My friend asked me if I knew a Chinese idol XZ passed away yesterday as soon as I got to school.
  • "Hey how are you? Do you know something about XZ? My friend here asked me if he died!"
  • I was surprised as I never heard of this from my Chinese friend.
  • What did XZ and his fans do
  • Now ao3 is blocked in China!! And Chinese people are not allowed to use vpn andymore!!
  • XZ and his fans reported ao3!!
  • For freedom! For literary!
  • She showed me the tag on her Twitter.
  • "We use StoryboardThat to create your own stories today!"
  • After I came home, I called my Chinese friend to ask him what exactly happened.
  • "You don't know what they did !his fans reported ao3 and another app only because there was a piece of fan-work there that they didn't like! "
  • I searched for some news and knew everything. XZ and his fans were really disgusting! They deprived innocent guys of creative freedom. Now millions of Chinese are standing out for literature and freedom. They resist XZ and his fans for our due rights.
  • Today I record the story to tell everyone, especially the foreigners who are cheated by them, the original truth. They reported ao3 for their own personal gain. They abused public power to combat literary freedom. This kind of action should always be blamed.
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