Pink and Say Cartoon Abigail
Updated: 3/11/2020
Pink and Say Cartoon Abigail

Storyboard Text

  • NO!!! FREEDOM DOES!!!!!!!
  • HAHA YES!!!!!!
  • weve won weve won the WAR!!!!!!!!
  • would you people kill and be done with it!!!!!
  • im so scared!!!
  • we rule leave now and we won't atack!!!!
  • SIGH. yes mama.
  • the town before the civil war a peaceful time but with slaves.
  • look our slave qick presly go and get her
  • im so happy the war is over!!!
  • ah oh. sorry wrong person!!!!
  • FIRE RUN UiOUN RUN!!!!!!!
  • i agree slavery is not fun and very rude.
  • me to and even though you lost trying to win over slavery.
  • yes i see that slavery is wrong now and so does my wife.